The bear went over the mountain...

... and this is what she saw. My year in Seoul, South Korea.

Shoko, me and snowflakes

01 July, 2006


I'm not exactly supporting Germany, and who keeps winning?

28 June, 2006

teams I cheered for and which have been sent home already:

South Korea (you know why)

Australia (HyoRyung knows why)

Mexico (Joserra knows why)

Croatia (mum knows why)

Sweden (Camilla knows why)

Never having been a football fan, I only just started two weeks ago. But maybe, just maybe, I should leave it be. I don't seem to bring any luck to the teams I support.

19 June, 2006

Yune's Birthday: South Korea vs. France

Yesterday was Yune's Birthday and also the second game for Korea in the World Cup.
We met at the Fan Fest in the olympic park in Munich, had Kimbab, snacks and cake, and watched the game on the big screen.

Yune's birthday brought Korea luck: the "second" goal which France actually scored was not considered as such, which proved lucky since the Korean team managed to only even things out with a 1:1.
Even though I am not interested in football at all I could not restrain myself from cheering for Korea. I think I turned rather loud at some point. But I did promise my Korean friends that I'd cheer for their guys, since I wouldn't otherwise cheer for anybody.

It was a one-time, fun thing to do, but I think watching too many games would both leave me in a constant state of hoarseness and full of adrenaline, so I couldn't sleep at all.
I know I'm not making any sense, so go look at some pictures!

YuneAnd here is one especially for HyoRyung:

AussieI'm sorry you guys didn't win yesterday, but I guess it *is* really hard against Brazil. They seem to be just the team of champions they used to be...

Vroni and me

13 March, 2006

my last day in Seoul, 22/12/2005

On my very last day in Seoul, as I was waiting for Gitte at the airport shuttle bus stop, Bonnie came along on her way to the language institute. She had watched out for me as she had promised to do the day before. So we could say goodbye to each other one last time, and she took these pictures.

Bonnie and me on my last day

me and my trunkI remember how I felt my heart was breaking when I boarded the bus. I felt I wouldn't be seeing this place in a while, and I was right. The way things appear now, I won't be able to make it to Seoul this year.
Hopefully, once I have a job, I will earn enough money so I can visit my friends again, and go to Hongkong to visit Bonnie, for that's where I always wanted to go to after my parents had been there in 1993.

Thank you, Bonnie, for being my friend.

Bonnie and me on my last day

12 March, 2006

Happy Birthday again, old maid!

It's Martina's birthday again!

With her birthday last year, I started my blog. The cycle is closed, now it's infinite. Just like her age, which will keep rising and rising...

She's turning 26 today, which makes her exactly half a year and six days older than me. Mwuahahahahahaaaaaaaa!!!


I wish you all the best from the bottom of my rosy heart.

New Year's Eve 2005

New Year's Fireworks
On New Year's Eve five friends came over to my house to celebrate the birth of 2006.

Yune showed me how to make Kimbab (yumm yumm!!!) and explained to me how to make Kimchee Jjigge, which I prepared another day by myself. Oy! the scrumptiousness!

my very own first self-made kimbab!

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heaps of pictures

Hello my friends,

here I'm back again, and as promised, I give you herewith many pictures of all my friends and family in Munich...

To start out with, here's my friend Christina, with her typical devilish smile. You might not believe this, but she's half Italian.

ChristinaNext I present you the "Middle Age(d) Troup" - this was on February 18th when we went to have dinner at a restaurant in Munich where you can eat food the mediaeval style, with your bare hands. Naturally, we went in disguise!

This is Sabine:

SabineThis is Martina:


FabianHans-Peter, called H-P:

HPAnd Christina (again):

ChristinaLast but not least, the two birthday kids, to whose honour we went to this place that day - Manuela...

Manuelaand Andy!

AndyThis is my cat Theresa behind bars:

Theresa behind barsAnd here is Cleopatra:


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