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22 June, 2005

(quote) "10 reasons why EM is the hottest being alive" (quote end)

These I just got from my friend, Hyoryung, who has caught Ewanmania (EM in this post's title stands for Ewan McGregor) after we went to a DVD-room and watched "Down With Love" and "Moulin Rouge" in a row, then proceeding to our dormitory to see "Timeline" starring Gerry Butler (another Scottish Hottie) on Eric, my baby.

I thought her reasons are just to good not to share with you. Also, she sent me a nice picture of Ewan two days ago, which I cannot help but put online, as well.

I was thinking of creating a similar list, but mine wouldn't have been as inventive. It would have been much like "number 1) because he's GORRRRRGEOUS! number 2) he's GORRRRRRGEOUS!!! number 3) did I mention he is G.O.R.G.E.O.U.S.?!!! number 4) ...". So I hope my friend forgives me for using hers, but since I do not claim it to be mine, which would be a severe form of plagiarism, I believe she won't mind.

"hehe, here it is

number 1) His accent is to DIE for!!!!!!!:)
number 2) He's so cute, you want to squash him todeath like a teddy bear
number 3) When he smiles, every female in a 10 meterradius collapses
number 4) His singing is heavenly, never heard such awondeful sound in my life....
number 5) He has the most mesmerizing blue eyes, timestops when you're caught in his gaze
number 6) He's Scottish...........need I say more?????
number 7) He's just GORRRRRRRRGEOUS!!!!!!!!!!!//// ever seen him in a kilt??? LOL
number 8) He has absoultely fantastic acting talent
number 9) Ever seen him as Catcher Block? there is no need to speak//just look, LOL
number 10) He is so hot! Did I mention that he is everSO freakin' GORRRRRRGEOUS???????????!!!!!!!!!!!!/////"

(quote end)

Ewan McGregor
Lee, Hyoryung (2005) "10 reasons why EM is the hottest being alive" in Emails to her friend. Seoul.

currently: 10/10 (it's gonna get more, we are off to watch some more movies tonight...)

21 June, 2005

zwei Jahre jung

Cleopatra Gelbauge
Mein größter Riesenkater, der Cleoderich, auch bekannt als Bangaderl, Wampenkater, Mistvieh, Cleolinchen und Cleopatra Gelbauge, hat heute Geburtstag.
Sie wird zwei Jahre alt und ist immer noch genauso süß wie am ersten Tag (nur dicker, besonders das Bäuchlein).


von Deiner Seka!

17 June, 2005

Philosophen / philosophers

An einer Schulmauer steht:

"Gott ist tot."
- Nietzsche


"Nietzsche ist tot."
- Gott


"Ihr seid tot."
- die Putzfrau


Written on the wall of a school building:

"God is dead."
- Nietzsche

beneath it:

"Nietzsche is dead."
- God

beneath it:

"You are dead."
- the Cleaning Lady

13 June, 2005

At Uncle Cho's

I am now officially a Nuna.
Nuna is the Korean word for "older sister of a boy", whereas Onni is the word for "older sister of a girl" and Hyong means "older brother of a boy" opposing Obba as "older brother of a girl". Younger siblings in general are Dongsaeng, to specify one says Namdongsaeng for "little brother" and Yodongsaeng for "little sister".

Let me explain this matter with an example:

In a family, there are four children. Oldboy, Oldgirl, Youngboy and Younggirl are their names.
Oldboy has three Dongsaengs, two Yodongsaengs (Oldgirl and Younggirl) and one Namdongsaeng (Youngboy).
Oldgirl has one Obba (Oldboy) and two Dongsaengs (Youngboy and Younggirl).
Youngboy has one Hyong (Oldboy) and one Nuna (Oldgirl) plus one Dongsaeng (Younggirl).
Younggirl has two Obbas (Oldboy and Youngboy) and one Onni (Oldgirl).

I spent the weekend of 4th and 5th June at my Uncle Peter's friends' house nearby Incheon and they have a little son, Sehyun, who's 18 months old.
My Uncle Peter is actually not my real uncle, but my father's best friend and I've known him every since I was born (or at least as long as I can remember). He's responsible for my reading addiction. Whenever he visited us in Munich (he lives in Vienna, Austria) he brought presents for my brother and me. When I had started school, he once brought me a children's book called "Hatschi Bratschis Luftballon" (Hatschi Bratschi's Balloon) which is about 20 pages long and with lots of colourful illustrations. It's written in rhymes and is about this person, Hatschi Bratschi, who travels around in his red hot air balloon to catch children from all over the world and let them work for him. In the end the children defeat him and travel home in this very balloon, one by one.
I remember that I read it 22 times, after that I just stopped counting. Whenever I finished another go, I would proudly run to my mother while she was preparing food in the kitchen, or ironing clothes, or watering plants, and tell her: "Mum, I have read it now 22 times!" I knew it by heart and it got me hooked up on books.
Uncle Peter also gave me the nickname "Suleika", but this is a different story and shall be told another time...

Uncle Peter is a very socialising person and he is very interested in other cultures and languages. So he travels around in Europe a lot, and sends postcards and letters to all his friends. I love it when my dad gets a letter or postcard, since Uncle Peter always makes up a few very nice lines that make people laugh. So about four years ago, he met a young couple on their honeymoon in the train back from Budapest to Vienna. They were Korean, from Seoul, and I bet you have figured out by now that they are the nice family I spent the weekend with!
Uncle Peter had kept in touch with them ever since, sending them Austrian coffee, souvenirs from his trips all over Europe, postcards, letters, chocolate... which they put in a glass cabinet in their new flat (except for the letters and postcards, which Uncle Cho keeps in a "Gmündner Keramik" box and the chocolate which has been eaten). When he heard that I was going to Seoul, he let his friends know and they invited me over, which is a very nice thing and I am very grateful to have met such friends!

On Saturday, Uncle Cho picked me up from Kyeong-in Kyodae Ibgu subway station, which is about 15 minutes away from their house. He called his wife to let her know we were on our way now, so she took her son and together they awaited our arrival in front of the house. This made me feel so welcome at once that I cannot even begin to express my gratitude towards them!
Sehyun was a bit shy first, but his parents repeatedly told him that I was his Nuna and since he is a very happy child he came around quickly and would let me pick him up, hold his hand when walking, or let me kiss him all over for that matter.
He enjoyed the Mozartkugeln greatly, which my parents had sent me right after I arrived in South Korea. He ate at least four at once, putting them into his small mouth in one piece, so he ended up with chocolate all around his lips which looked very cute!

Ganghwa island map
We went to have lunch together at a restaurant in which you not only sit on the floor (to which I am used by now), but also get chairs with a back support. Ususally one just sits on silk pillows, but this one had real chairs, just without legs. Even Eun-Kyong (Uncle Cho's wife) had not seen anything like that before! Afterwards we went to Ganghwa, which is an island on South Korea's west coast about an hour away from Incheon.
It used to be a retreat for the Korean government in times of attacks by other countries, since the island was well protected by many fortresses nearby the shore.
We visited Chojijin which is a very small fortress, constructed in 1656 to protect the town. It played a crucial role in several battles, the last two in April 1871, when the American fleet, Asia, and in August 1875, when the Japanese fleet, Unyangho, attacked the island. Two pine trees hit by cannons are preserved as they were in those days.

broken pine treeThen we went to Gwangseongbo, which is a large fortress. Eun-Kyong and me went on a long stroll around its extensive grounds.
The most picturesque scene is that of Yongdudondae, which was built upon a solid rock protruding like a dragon into the sea (Asian dragons have snake like bodies).

Dragon of YongdudondaeLate in the afternoon, we went back home since Uncle Cho's brother and sister-in-law were to come over for dinner. Eun-Kyong made seaweed soup especially for me because earlier that day she had asked me what kind of Korean food I liked best, and this is one of my favourites.
Before we ate, I went to the playground with Uncle Cho and Sehyun, and then I played badminton with Uncle Cho, which was a lot of fun. Some children asked me in English what my name was and whether Sehyun was my son. I answered in Korean, because I always like to show off, and told them that the boy was my "little brother". And I did get rewarded for my vanity, for they were very impressed by me using their native tongue and we chatted a little bit in a mix of Korean and English (for such young children, their English was very good!).
At night, we drank a lot of Soju and Baek-Soju. Baek means "hundred", supposedly if one drinks Baek-Soju, one will live at least 100 years. We talked a great deal, even though Uncle Cho's brother and sister-in-law do not speak English.

Next morning, I slept until 11 am.
I did not set the alarm in my cell phone because I had thought I would wake up when everybody else started to stir. Apparently I didn't.
But when I woke up and went to the bathroom, the four "grown ups" were watching TV, with Sehyun nowhere to be seen. So after my "good morning" my next words were "Where's Sehyun?" - Eun-Kyong then told me that he is currently napping, but when he woke up in the morning, his first word was "Nuna?".
I have found an admirer!
But he's got an admirer in me, too...
For lunch we went to a place called "Wash-Basin-Naengmyon". I forget the Korean name, but this is the translation.
Naengmyon is a specialty enjoyed mainly in the summer time. It's cold noodle soup, and the place we went to is famous for its Naengmyon. Indeed, it tasted incredible, but the bowls are so large (wash-basin size) that I couldn't finish it all.
Afterwards, we went to Inchon's China Town, of which you can see some pictures via the links section.

Then we went to the port where we enjoyed the busy Sunday. We boarded a ship that took us underneath the new airport bridge which connects the small island on which the international airport was built with the main land, and we saw some street vendors selling Yeod. They were dressed very funny in colourful rags, one man was wearing women's clothes with high heels and did a nice bit of show. Eun-Kyong told me they dressed that way to get attention. She bought me a box full of this Korean candy and I can assure you, it's the best sweet I have EVER had (including Milka chocolate!!!).
They drove me to my dormitory in the evening, and when I got out of the car, they took me completely by surprise by giving me wonderful gifts after all they had done for me already!
I received two of the Hahoe masks, one kind of the many traditional Korean masks, to hang up on my wall (which I already did). Plus a book with Korean poetry (I have already tried to make out the meaning of a very short one, maybe I'll put my poor results up later) in which I also found a 24K gold-plated bookmark featuring a shamrock.
Again I don't know how I can ever say thank you to my nice friends!
This weekend has been one of the most impressive ones I have had so far, and I will never forget it.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Sehyun and me
Sehyun and me at the docks in Incheon.

Meine Freunde 4

Nina im Mühltal
Das ist die Nina, meine "älteste" Freundin.
Wir kennen uns seit der ersten Klasse, als wir zusammen in die Grundschule gingen.
Wir hatten uns mal eine zeitlang gestritten und deshalb keinen Kontakt, aber da wir beide Menschen sind, die vergeben können, haben wir uns dann auch wieder vertragen und gehen nun gerne zusammen in den Biergarten (im Sommer) oder ins Truderinger Wirtshaus, wo wir uns meistens über Schweinsbraten und Bier hermachen. Daher kommen auch unsere Spitznamen füreinander - sie ist mein Bierchen, und ich bin ihr Schweinsbraten.

Nina fängt diese Woche ihren neuen Job an, und ich wünsche ihr viel Glück mit der neuen Arbeit, den neuen Kollegen, und dem neuen Chef!

Matthias mit CarloDas ist Ninas Freund Matthias.
Er wohnt wie ich in Trudering, und ihm habe ich es auch zu verdanken, daß mein Bierchen jetzt so nah bei mir wohnt, weil sie nämlich vor ca. zwei Jahren mit ihm zusammen das Dachgeschoß vom "Schwieger"-Elternhaus ausgebaut hat, wo die beiden jetzt wohnen.
Hier seht ihr Matthias mit einem der beiden Kater, Carlo. Das Foto habe ich gemacht, als ich den beiden letzten Winter einen kleinen Besuch abgestattet hatte, bei dem ich so gut gefüttert wurde, daß ich nach Hause gerollt bin. (Die beiden sind sehr gute Gastgeber!)
Sie haben noch einen Kater, er ist Carlos Bruder und schwarz-weiß, mit dem Namen Nero.

Momentan: 8/10

12 June, 2005

Bilder / Pictures

Die Bilder meiner Mutter habe ich heute aufgehängt.

Ich habe sie leider nicht einrahmen können, da ich keine Nägel in die Wand hauen darf. Und ich habe davon abgesehen, sie einschweißen zu lassen, weil man sie sonst nie wieder rausbekommen hätte.
Ich hoffe, daß das doppelseitige, extra-starke Klebeband die schönen Bilder

1. an der Wand hält und
2. wieder abgeht, wenn ich sie am Ende meines Aufenthaltes herunternehme.

Abgesehen von diesen kleinen Sorgen sieht mein Zimmer nun wunderschön aus!


Today I hung up the paintings my mother sent me.

I couldn't put them in frames, unfortunately, since I'm not allowed to put nails in the wall. And I didn't have them shrink-wrapped because I wouldn't be able to get them out ever again.
I hope the double-sided extra-strong tape will

1. keep the paintings up on the wall and
2. come off once I remove them at the end of my stay here.

Apart from that my room now looks incredibly beautiful!

Momentan / currently: 9/10

01 June, 2005

Männer in Röcken sind h.e.i.ß. !!!

Ewan McGregor im Kilt
Wie meine Freundin mir schreibt:

"[...] ein Foto von Ewan McGregor im Kilt, das fand ich einfach zu toll um es nicht mit dir zu teilen."

Auch ich erweise euch diese Ehre!

Momentan: 100/10

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