The bear went over the mountain...

... and this is what she saw. My year in Seoul, South Korea.

Shoko, me and snowflakes

13 March, 2006

my last day in Seoul, 22/12/2005

On my very last day in Seoul, as I was waiting for Gitte at the airport shuttle bus stop, Bonnie came along on her way to the language institute. She had watched out for me as she had promised to do the day before. So we could say goodbye to each other one last time, and she took these pictures.

Bonnie and me on my last day

me and my trunkI remember how I felt my heart was breaking when I boarded the bus. I felt I wouldn't be seeing this place in a while, and I was right. The way things appear now, I won't be able to make it to Seoul this year.
Hopefully, once I have a job, I will earn enough money so I can visit my friends again, and go to Hongkong to visit Bonnie, for that's where I always wanted to go to after my parents had been there in 1993.

Thank you, Bonnie, for being my friend.

Bonnie and me on my last day

12 March, 2006

Happy Birthday again, old maid!

It's Martina's birthday again!

With her birthday last year, I started my blog. The cycle is closed, now it's infinite. Just like her age, which will keep rising and rising...

She's turning 26 today, which makes her exactly half a year and six days older than me. Mwuahahahahahaaaaaaaa!!!


I wish you all the best from the bottom of my rosy heart.

New Year's Eve 2005

New Year's Fireworks
On New Year's Eve five friends came over to my house to celebrate the birth of 2006.

Yune showed me how to make Kimbab (yumm yumm!!!) and explained to me how to make Kimchee Jjigge, which I prepared another day by myself. Oy! the scrumptiousness!

my very own first self-made kimbab!

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heaps of pictures

Hello my friends,

here I'm back again, and as promised, I give you herewith many pictures of all my friends and family in Munich...

To start out with, here's my friend Christina, with her typical devilish smile. You might not believe this, but she's half Italian.

ChristinaNext I present you the "Middle Age(d) Troup" - this was on February 18th when we went to have dinner at a restaurant in Munich where you can eat food the mediaeval style, with your bare hands. Naturally, we went in disguise!

This is Sabine:

SabineThis is Martina:


FabianHans-Peter, called H-P:

HPAnd Christina (again):

ChristinaLast but not least, the two birthday kids, to whose honour we went to this place that day - Manuela...

Manuelaand Andy!

AndyThis is my cat Theresa behind bars:

Theresa behind barsAnd here is Cleopatra:


heaps of snow

Here's my mum dealing with last weeks snow chaos - she's on her way up the garage to shovel the snow off of the garage roof, since we feared it would break under the weight.

mum up the ladderHere you can see mum shoveling the snow from the roof... see how high it went? All this came down within 24 hours!!!

snow on the roofThis is one of the fir trees in our yard, I photographed it from below the snow-laden branches.

fir treeThis is what our street looked like that day, March 5th 2006. Do you recognise any cars under the masses of snow?

our streetMy dad clearing our driveway - you've got to start slowly, with a narrow path ploughed into the sea of white... plus, we called him Yeti that day.

dad 'ploughing' Here comes the family!

fltr: uncle Nedo, aunt Ruza, aunt Anuza, dad and momMy cousin Mladen, who works in the film business (he's a sound engineer). Isn't he a handsome man?

MladenMy uncle Pero. He used to be a construction worker, fell off a roof one day and almost died. Those were bad times, I remember my mum and me sitting in front of a candle while he was in surgery, hoping for the best.

uncle PeroThis is his wife, aunt Kata, one of my favourite aunts!

aunt KataAnd here is my little grandmother, on my mother's side. Her name is Ivka, but I usually call her Baba (Croatian for Grandma).

my BabaMy uncle and aunt brought aunt Kata's dad along with them. I had never met him before, but he is a very nice, gentle man. Since he had never been to Munich before, and I didn't have any postcards to give to him, I printed out some pictures of Munich on glossy photo paper. He was totally happy about it! I also gave a picture of myself to my Baba, and a rosary which I had bought for her in Korea.

my aunt's fatherThis is Mladen's family: his mum and dad, older sister Mirjana and younger brother Daniel.

Mladen's familyThis is yet another cousin, aunt Anuza's son Josip.

JosipHere is his little doggy Johnny:

JohnnyAnd this is "our" cat Dedalus aka Dodo, who's actually the neighbour's cat but she adopted us and spends most of her time in the basket which you can see in this picture.

DodoMy grandma and me:

Baba and SuzannaMore friends - Nina and Matthias.

Nina and MatthiasMoni and her dog, Mr. Packa:


Mr. Packa-DogMy brother Wolfgang and me:

Wolfi and meAnd that's it for today!
I hope you like the pictures of my family and friends, see you around next time I write about "being back".
Lots of love to all of you far away from me,

11 March, 2006

~Happy Birthday, Cole~

March is the month of births and, as my mother likes to stress - Pisces are the best of all humans.

Therefore, I most agreeably congratulate Cole on turning 9, may all his wishes and lots more come true.

- Sanne -

Shoko und Mayo in Munich

Two weekends ago, my friend Shoko from Japan, whom I met in Seoul last year, visited me in Munich.
She's currently touring Europe with a friend, Mayomi. They used to be roommates back in Japan, Mayo studies German and speaks very well for someone who's never been here before. They only stayed two nights, taking the night train to Venice, Italy on Sunday. We went to the Dachau concentration camp and to a shopping mall on Saturday, and met some of my old school friends at night. On Sunday, we went to the New Pinakothek and had lunch together at the little Korean imbiss around my university. After that, we visited the Deutsches Museum (German Museum).

It felt very good to see somebody from my third home again, and I was grateful to meet with Mayomi, too.

fltr: Shoko, Mayomi and meSometimes we all got mixed up in various languages: Shoko and me would talk Korean, and since the sentence structure is very similar to that of Japanese, Shoko would address her friend in Korean instead of Japanese, when Mayo doesn't even speak Korean. Then Mayo started speaking German to me and to Shoko, who has never learned my native language. Then my mom go mixed up between English, German and Croatian, and my dad piped in a bit of Russian. It was fun, but it felt a bit like the Babel project...

Hopefully, Shoko (and Mayo) will visit me again some day, and hopefully I will find a good job after graduating, one that earns me enough money so I can go travelling, and visit them in Japan.

10 March, 2006

And the Birthday Boy is -


He, the brother of Sar-ha, is the one who taught me humour, irony and modesty when it comes down to the English language, by heartily laughing at me whenever I mispronounced a word, or made a grammatical mistake.
Yes, ladies and gentlemen, he's the super-hero of all that is au pair, he's your dream catcher, your dream reader and good friend. He's Benjamin Simoff, the next Tiger Woods, the innovative little genius with a heart of gold!

If it wasn't for you (and the rest of the family) I might just be one of those people who actually believe charmers telling them that they don't have a very heavy, heartfelt German (or whatever) accent.

To your 16th birthday I wish you all the best, may you always find a place amongst decent people.

Your "cousin" the ZaanyZan

07 March, 2006

Alles Gute Mama!

Meiner Mutter wünsche ich zum 53. Geburtstag


Mögen es noch einmal soviele Jahre werden, und zwar bei bester körperlicher und geistiger Gesundheit!

Deine Tochter Susanne

Der EngelDas ist ihr Geburtstagsgeschenk von der Firma.

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