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... and this is what she saw. My year in Seoul, South Korea.

Shoko, me and snowflakes

12 March, 2006

heaps of pictures

Hello my friends,

here I'm back again, and as promised, I give you herewith many pictures of all my friends and family in Munich...

To start out with, here's my friend Christina, with her typical devilish smile. You might not believe this, but she's half Italian.

ChristinaNext I present you the "Middle Age(d) Troup" - this was on February 18th when we went to have dinner at a restaurant in Munich where you can eat food the mediaeval style, with your bare hands. Naturally, we went in disguise!

This is Sabine:

SabineThis is Martina:


FabianHans-Peter, called H-P:

HPAnd Christina (again):

ChristinaLast but not least, the two birthday kids, to whose honour we went to this place that day - Manuela...

Manuelaand Andy!

AndyThis is my cat Theresa behind bars:

Theresa behind barsAnd here is Cleopatra:



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