The bear went over the mountain...

... and this is what she saw. My year in Seoul, South Korea.

Shoko, me and snowflakes

12 March, 2006

heaps of snow

Here's my mum dealing with last weeks snow chaos - she's on her way up the garage to shovel the snow off of the garage roof, since we feared it would break under the weight.

mum up the ladderHere you can see mum shoveling the snow from the roof... see how high it went? All this came down within 24 hours!!!

snow on the roofThis is one of the fir trees in our yard, I photographed it from below the snow-laden branches.

fir treeThis is what our street looked like that day, March 5th 2006. Do you recognise any cars under the masses of snow?

our streetMy dad clearing our driveway - you've got to start slowly, with a narrow path ploughed into the sea of white... plus, we called him Yeti that day.

dad 'ploughing' Here comes the family!

fltr: uncle Nedo, aunt Ruza, aunt Anuza, dad and momMy cousin Mladen, who works in the film business (he's a sound engineer). Isn't he a handsome man?

MladenMy uncle Pero. He used to be a construction worker, fell off a roof one day and almost died. Those were bad times, I remember my mum and me sitting in front of a candle while he was in surgery, hoping for the best.

uncle PeroThis is his wife, aunt Kata, one of my favourite aunts!

aunt KataAnd here is my little grandmother, on my mother's side. Her name is Ivka, but I usually call her Baba (Croatian for Grandma).

my BabaMy uncle and aunt brought aunt Kata's dad along with them. I had never met him before, but he is a very nice, gentle man. Since he had never been to Munich before, and I didn't have any postcards to give to him, I printed out some pictures of Munich on glossy photo paper. He was totally happy about it! I also gave a picture of myself to my Baba, and a rosary which I had bought for her in Korea.

my aunt's fatherThis is Mladen's family: his mum and dad, older sister Mirjana and younger brother Daniel.

Mladen's familyThis is yet another cousin, aunt Anuza's son Josip.

JosipHere is his little doggy Johnny:

JohnnyAnd this is "our" cat Dedalus aka Dodo, who's actually the neighbour's cat but she adopted us and spends most of her time in the basket which you can see in this picture.

DodoMy grandma and me:

Baba and SuzannaMore friends - Nina and Matthias.

Nina and MatthiasMoni and her dog, Mr. Packa:


Mr. Packa-DogMy brother Wolfgang and me:

Wolfi and meAnd that's it for today!
I hope you like the pictures of my family and friends, see you around next time I write about "being back".
Lots of love to all of you far away from me,


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