The bear went over the mountain...

... and this is what she saw. My year in Seoul, South Korea.

Shoko, me and snowflakes

11 March, 2006

Shoko und Mayo in Munich

Two weekends ago, my friend Shoko from Japan, whom I met in Seoul last year, visited me in Munich.
She's currently touring Europe with a friend, Mayomi. They used to be roommates back in Japan, Mayo studies German and speaks very well for someone who's never been here before. They only stayed two nights, taking the night train to Venice, Italy on Sunday. We went to the Dachau concentration camp and to a shopping mall on Saturday, and met some of my old school friends at night. On Sunday, we went to the New Pinakothek and had lunch together at the little Korean imbiss around my university. After that, we visited the Deutsches Museum (German Museum).

It felt very good to see somebody from my third home again, and I was grateful to meet with Mayomi, too.

fltr: Shoko, Mayomi and meSometimes we all got mixed up in various languages: Shoko and me would talk Korean, and since the sentence structure is very similar to that of Japanese, Shoko would address her friend in Korean instead of Japanese, when Mayo doesn't even speak Korean. Then Mayo started speaking German to me and to Shoko, who has never learned my native language. Then my mom go mixed up between English, German and Croatian, and my dad piped in a bit of Russian. It was fun, but it felt a bit like the Babel project...

Hopefully, Shoko (and Mayo) will visit me again some day, and hopefully I will find a good job after graduating, one that earns me enough money so I can go travelling, and visit them in Japan.


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