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19 June, 2006

Yune's Birthday: South Korea vs. France

Yesterday was Yune's Birthday and also the second game for Korea in the World Cup.
We met at the Fan Fest in the olympic park in Munich, had Kimbab, snacks and cake, and watched the game on the big screen.

Yune's birthday brought Korea luck: the "second" goal which France actually scored was not considered as such, which proved lucky since the Korean team managed to only even things out with a 1:1.
Even though I am not interested in football at all I could not restrain myself from cheering for Korea. I think I turned rather loud at some point. But I did promise my Korean friends that I'd cheer for their guys, since I wouldn't otherwise cheer for anybody.

It was a one-time, fun thing to do, but I think watching too many games would both leave me in a constant state of hoarseness and full of adrenaline, so I couldn't sleep at all.
I know I'm not making any sense, so go look at some pictures!

YuneAnd here is one especially for HyoRyung:

AussieI'm sorry you guys didn't win yesterday, but I guess it *is* really hard against Brazil. They seem to be just the team of champions they used to be...

Vroni and me


At 19/6/06 10:15 pm, Blogger HLee said...

YYYEAHHHHHH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Go AUSSIES wah whoo!!!

At 20/6/06 7:20 am, Blogger Zan said...

Yeah, go "us"!

There were lots of Australians around at the Fan Fest, btw. One was even in a Scottish kilt - I was going to ask him whether or not he wears it the traditional way, but then I guess I was too much of a chicken to walk the walk. And some guys in kilts were filmed while lifting those same kilts and sticking their wazoos into fresh air.


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